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Garage Door Repair in Toronto, Mississauga and GTA

Garage Life specializes in complete residential garage door and opener repairs for all major brands and models. Our trained technicians have both the experience and the skill to properly repair your door at affordable rates, and help you get on with the rest of the day.

Call 416-800-1239 for immediate response by one of our garage door repair technicians.

Door Problems

Door Opener Problems

  • Does not Open or Close
  • Stops on the Way Down / Up
  • Remote Does not Work
  • Stripped Gear
  • Grinding Sounds
  • We fix following brands: Garaga, Windsor, Amarr, Chamberlain, Clopay, Craftsman, Steelcraft, Stanley, Liftmaster, Wayne Dalton, Carriage, Lynx, Northwest Doors, Genie.

Garage Door Repair

Most garage door repairs fall into two categories – broken springs, or a broken motor. There are however issues with other parts of the door: rollers, hinges, and level tracks. A Garage Life technician will pinpoint the problem and look at other components to ensure all parts are in working order.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door springs are the most common reason of garage door failure. Although there are ways of doing garage door spring repair, it is recommended to do garage door spring replacement. Springs are designed to last for about 10,000 cycles, or about 10-12 years of normal use. When a spring breaks, you will often hear a loud cracking or pinging sound, but you may not notice it at all – – you may simply notice that your garage door opens and closes much more slowly than before (assuming it is a double garage door with 2 springs – if it is a single door with one spring, the door will not open or close at all). If there’s an issue with the springs Garage Life technician will provide you with garage door spring replacement cost and install new ones.

Caution: If a garage door has only one spring, at the center of the door, do not try to repair it. The tension is so great that the spring could injure you. For doors with this type of spring, call a professional garage door repair service.

Garage Door Opener Repair

The motor is one of the components of a garage door that receives the most work. As soon as a problem with your motor becomes apparent it is very important to fix it right away by calling one of the garage door repair companies. If your opener (motor) is humming you will most definitely need garage door services. An opener should be quiet and any noise a sure sign of trouble. Garage Life door professional will analyze the motor to see if it can be fixed. In cases where the motor is beyond repair, you will be offered a new, discounted opener. We offer lower prices on openers than retail stores and many competitors, since we buy directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings to you.

Metal Track Repair

Our overhead door repair technician will check the tracks inside the garage, looking for loose bolts, screws and brackets; examine the tracks for dents, bumps, crimps or flat spots. If the tracks are badly damaged they will be replaced. Garage door service technician will also check the tracks with a level to make sure they are properly aligned.

Sometimes the problems are caused by dirt. If the tracks are dirty they will be cleaned.

Garage Life offers residential garage door repair in Toronto, Mississauga and GTA.

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