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Garage Door Capping - Protecting Your Garage Door Frame

When modernizing a home to protect it against the elements, many homeowners opt for aluminum capping - also called cladding or trim - around their doors and windows.

However since the garage door is usually the largest and most visible entrance point of the house, homeowners should definitely consider having aluminum garage door capping installed.  It is a worthwhile investment that both improves the aesthetics of the home while protecting the structure of the garage door.  Aluminum capping can save you thousands of dollars over the long run - as it protects wooden door jambs against rotting.

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What is Garage Door Aluminum Capping?

Aluminum capping is simply cut-to-order aluminum that is installed to protect the wooden frame of the garage door.  It is applied as sheathing or wrapping that covers every inch of the door frame, with each cut piece meeting flush at the edges to create the perfect seal.

Aluminum capping is applied at several places in home building, but the goal is usually the same - to protect wooden frames, jambs, and window sills against moisture and weather damage.

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Benefits of Garage Door Capping

Investing in capping for the garage door trim has many benefits.  It is truly one of the most simple and direct financial investments you can make for your home’s exterior.

Protection for the Wood Garage Door Frame

Even if your wood door frame is beginning to show cracks and damage, aluminum capping can seal and protect it for decades.  You will no longer have to worry about wood rot caused by weather damage.

Looks Great, Boosts Curb Appeal

Modern homes require modern materials protecting the exterior.  The same is true for modern garage doors.  A damaged garage door frame can be a glaring defect in contrast to a home’s other exterior elements.  Aluminum capping will improve the visual appeal of your home - boosting the curb appeal which is typically a great investment.  

Our garage door capping service is always handmade-to-order with a wide variety of colours and aluminum types to choose from.  Your garage door trim will match your garage door and/or home’s exterior.

No More Maintenance Costs - No More Painting!

Aluminum capping does not rust - even after years of rain, snow and other harsh weather that only Canadians know about!  Factory paint for capping - available in virtually any colour to match your garage door - is resistant to fading from sunlight and road salt and will stay looking vibrant for years.  No more sealing and painting distressed wood every year!


More Efficient Energy Usage

For many homes, the garage door can take up to 30% of the house’s front facade.  This is why the garage door can be a huge source of energy loss for the home.  Heat is lost in the winter and air-conditioned air escapes in summer - especially when the garage door frame is distressed and has a draught.

Aluminum capping seals up the house’s exterior at the point of contact with the garage door frame.  Going forward, you can expect to see lower energy usage for your home.

At Garage Life, we also specialize in garage heaters and insulated garage doors to make your space warmer and more energy efficient.

Cheaper than Replacing a Garage Door Frame

Aluminum capping for the garage door is one of the most simple yet effective investments you can make for your home’s exterior.  Last but not least, it’s less expensive than building a new garage door frame!


For Garage Door Aluminum Capping - Always Hire a Professional

All our garage door capping is handmade-to-order by an experienced professional.  That means each door frame is a custom job that is measured and cut by a tradesmen operating a hand press that bends metal.

It is important for garage door capping that it is installed by a professional.  A professionally installed garage door capping project will help your home to look incredible.  However when homeowners attempt to do this job DIY - the results are usually substandard and really draw unwanted attention to the home!  Cutting and bending sheet metal is a trade that requires years of experience.


At Garage Life Modern Garage Doors we have been providing garage door capping services in Toronto and the GTA for 20 years.  We have extensive experience designing, building, and installing modern garage doors on homes both large and small.

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