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The 4 types of garage doors

Four specific types of garage doors are widely used for building these doors and three types of material.

Side hanging door

If you want a traditional look for a garage, the side hanging garage door is the usual solution. Side-hung doors can be mounted directly on a wooden frame or on bricks.

Sectional garage door

The sectional garage door is another form of garage door.
Such doors are ideal where the space in front of the garage is limited as they open up vertically. These are ideal for a new garage built to have an aesthetic appeal.

The roller doors

The roller doors are similar to the sectional garage doors. The door rolls up inside the drum above the door opening of the garage. There is also no need to allow any room inside or outside to open the gate, so it would be well adapted for limited space in front of the garage.

Up and down the garage door

The last type of door is the most common, up and down the garage door. This is the most popular kind of door. They can be made from wood, steel and GPR materials. These can also be manual or automatic and are fairly easy to install.

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