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HomelatestGarage Door Repair Mississauga October 22, 2013
Home Garage Door Repair Mississauga October 22, 2013
Garage Door Repair Mississauga October 22, 2013

A customer called complaining that the garage door didn’t want to close on its own using the automatic garage door opener. The Customer had made sure the safety censors are in vision of each other and are not being obstructed. The customer adjusted the strength on the garage door opener to full strength, and still did not want to close. When the technician arrived, he immediately determined that the problem had been caused by lack of maintenance. The rollers for the garage door had seized and were obstructing the proper function of the garage door. After the installation of the new rollers, the garage door had started working properly. The strength of the garage door opener had been turned down to not over work the garage door opener

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