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Home Archive by Category "latest"

    At today’s customers, the sprocket kit broke after many years of use. The torsion springs seemed to be in good condition. The Rollers had been replaced when the garage door opener was installed and were still in good condition.

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    The Customer’s garage door came off the tracks because something was obstructing the path of the roller on the way down. It is very important to keep the area beside the tracks clean so the that nothing falls into the path. The door was recently replaced so the rest...

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    It is important to run the garage door manually at least Once a month to see how the hardware is working. After yearsIt is important to run the garage door manually at least Once a month to see how the hardware is working. After years of work, the torsion...

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    A customer called complaining that the garage door didn’t want to close on its own using the automatic garage door opener. The Customer had made sure the safety censors are in vision of each other and are not being obstructed. The customer adjusted the strength on the garage door...

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    A customer asked for a technician to come immediately to come open the door as he urgently needed to leave the house. We provided a technician within the hour. Upon the arrival, the technician spotted the problem on the garage door. The torsion spring had snapped. The technician replaced...

      A customer complained of the garage door opener not working. The old unit was a Genie. After some troubleshooting, the garage door opener was not possible to repair. A new garage door opener was installed. For this application a Liftmaster 3265, 1/2 HP chain drive, was perfect for the...

        If you really want to make sure that your garage door is repaired properly, you will want to hire a good garage door repair service to do the work. While it may be tempting to save a little money and attempt to fix your garage door yourself, it is...

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        The Garage door Would jump back up as it would hit the floor. In this Cage the motor had frozen inside He limits inside the garage door Opener had been malfuntioning. After adjustong the limits on thr garage door motor the garage door smoothlet closed and stayed closed.

          During the operation of the garage door a box was positioned between the tracks out of sight from the safety censors attached to the garage door opener. As the garage door came down the box off set the garage door, bending out the tracks and making the rollers fall...

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          After 10 years of use the liftmaster garage door opener failed humming inside but making no movements outside. After the technician arrived and inspected the problem, he found the nylon gear inside had striped out. Replacing the liftmaster nylon gear, the garage door opener started to engage again and...

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